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Griffin's Like New Again Carpet Cleaning - The Leader in Mechanized Steam Cleaning


Griffin's Like New Again can make a 10-year-old carpet look nearly new!
We specialize in MECHANIZED STEAM CLEANING. This process rinses your carpet 12 times per second, and heats the carpet to almost the boiling point.

Why so hot?  When carpets are woven, the yarn starts out looking like dental floss - just plain nylon fiber.  The fiber is first dyed, then twisted (so many twists per inch), followed by a good soaking in a chemical solution and, finally, heated for a set amount of time.  The name for this process is perming (as in perming a woman's hair). This makes the carpet fiber springy and resilient.  When we heat your carpet, we do it to RESET THE CARPET'S PERM.  



Call us today for a no obligation estimate and we'll show you what Griffin's Like New Again can do for you!