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Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis

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Why use Like New Again?  6 GOOD REASONS.

       1.  Reputation: Our company is referred by the most seasoned Carpet

                                  Retailers and Interior Designers.Over 700 Realtors in

                                  the St. Louis area use us to clean homes for sale. 

       2.  Experience: Our company is experienced in all methods of carpet

                                  cleaning and all types of soiling conditions.Our staff

                                  won't be stumped by your soiling condition.

       3.  Customer ReportsThere are dozens of reports listed to your left. 

                                              Listen to what our clients are saying about us. 

       4.  Education: Never use a firm that's not certified by The Clean Trust.

                             The Clean Trust accrediation is bestowed by the world's

                             most recognized body of certification for carpet and

                             upholstery cleaners.   Jeff Griffin is designated a Master

                             Carpet Cleaner and Master Fiber Cleaner by the Clean

                             Trust. This follows years of classes and training by IICRC

                             instructors and years of experience. 

       5.  Systems: Our Company uses the two most advanced carpet cleaning

                             systems on the market:Steam cleaning with a Soft Water rinse

                             and MECHANIZED STEAM CLEANINGPlus, we are 

                             committed to excellent service systems, which means

                             showing up on time and being sensitive to your special


      6.  Guarantee:  If you're not completely thrilled with the carpet cleaning you

                             receive from our company, we will rush back to your location

                             to make it right.  If you are still unimpressed, we will offer a 

                             100% money back guarantee. 



                     - Griffin's Like New Again -

             Call Darla at 314-892-5666 


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Friday, April 16, 2010

Great Carpet Cleaners St. Louis
  April 17 2012 Description Of Work: Cleaned the carpet in five rooms, one hall, and one staircase. After looking at my carpet the technician told me what type of cleaning she would recommend. He did not try to oversell their services. My carpet is old and closer to worn out than new, so he recommended the regular steam cleaning rather than the more expensive mechanized steam cleaning. He also did not think it was cost effective to apply stain guard. I appreciated his honesty. He measured all of the areas to be cleaned and told me exactly how much it would cost. Then he sprayed the carpet with enzymes and steam cleaned them. I was pleased that even the very dirty high traffic areas came clean. Member Comments: I spoke with Frank several times prior to the actual cleaning. He either answered the phone right away (a rarity) or called back within a few minutes. He was very thorough in explaining all of the carpet cleaning services he offered. He called me an hour before my scheduled appointment to let me know the technician was running about an hour late. After the cleaning he called to hear how I thought it went. I told him I was very pleased. The next day after the carpet was completely dry, I notice what looked like pet stains (I do not have pets). I called Frank and he explained how if the carpet doesn't dry fast enough stains that are in the pad can be re-absorbed into the carpet. He scheduled a technician to come back, at no additional cost, that day to work on the stains. This time enzymes for pet stains were applied to the troubled areas, steam cleaned out, and dried with a fan. No more stains! In response to his second follow up call I told Frank I was completely satisfied.  April 7TH 2012 Description Of Work: Carpet cleaning in two areas: Upstairs--regular carpet with pet urine stains approx 4'X 15' and then the basement area Berber carpet approx 15'X 30'. They pretreated the stains and then cleaned. They were fast and professional. They left no mess, left us a cleaning agent for spots (not pet urine stains though) and some actual "paper booties" if we needed to walk on the carpet.Member Comments: Came and gave an estimate for the carpet cleaning that we wanted done. They gave us a quote and I agreed. They told us up front that they could not 100% guarantee that the pet stains from urine would come out but that they would try. The carpet came out very nice!!! The only thing was they did not offer a 10% discount for Angie list users or offer any coupons. The next day, or at the most 2 days after the work was done the owner called and said he was sorry but his worker forgot to give us the 10% discount, so he was sending us $25.00 in the mail that day. He apologized again and said he hoped we would use him again.  JULY 22ND  2011  Description Of Work: Cleaned Berber carpet in family room. Hadn't been cleaned in quite a long time.Member Comments: Very nice young man came to clean the carpet. I was very pleased with the job and would definitely call them again.     JUNE 4TH 2011Description Of Work: I had the carpets cleaned in 5 rooms plus the stairs. He pre-treated for stains and scotch guarded when they were finished. The job was complete in 2 hours. There was no furniture to be moved.Member Comments: Jason did a great job cleaning my carpets. He was very professional and was they're very quick after I called for the appointment. He did a very thorough job and the carpets look great. Their prices are very reasonable. I will use their services again.   JUNE 4TH 2011 Description Of Work: They cleaned the carpets in my home.Member Comments: They also did my daughter's home. They are courteous. They are prompt. I have used them several times in the past year and a half and each time has been a satisfactory experience. The owner calls back to find if you are satisfied with work that was done.  JUNE 11TH 2011  Description Of Work: Steam cleaned carpet in master bedroom, second bedroom, hallway, stairs and office on first floor.Member Comments: They only use truck mounted equipment.  Excellent work performed.  Jim was our technician, very knowledgable, hard working, clean cut and friendly. We thought the price more than fair, the carpets still look terrific and no spots have returned since then. Even areas we thought too soiled to come clean look great now. We will definitely use them again and have already recommended them to some friends and relatives.  JUNE 14TH 2011 Description Of Work: Upstairs and downstairs hallway and stairs and living room berber carpet professionally treated and cleaned for pet accidents (cat urine and vomit), cleaned, and Scotchgard protected in heavy tracking areas.Member Comments: Jason arrived promptly and was very courteous and professional. Measured everything first to give me an accurate estimate, discussed carpet treatment and cleaning options, then completed all the work in less than an hour. He provided a written estimate in advance. When the work was done advised me on how to get the carpet to dry out the fastest. This is the 2nd time I have used them and would definitely use them again.  JUNE 22TH 2011 Description Of Work: They cleaned and scotch-guarded the badly-stained carpet in our kitchen/family room.Member Comments: Minutes after joining Angie's List two days ago, I began researching carpet cleaners. "Like New Again" had a fantastic record, so I called and talked to Frank, the owner. He explained their process, gave me an estimate, and we set up an appointment for today. Jason came right on time and was very professional. I had wondered about the possibility of cleaning an old sofa we had. Jason suggested that he try a test area, and then we could decide if it was worth it. He did, and it wasn't. No charge! The carpet cleaned beautifully, much better than I had thought it would. The price was a bit less than Frank's estimate, too, even with scotch guard on the heavy traffic areas. I couldn't be more pleased with this company. Thanks, Angie's List!  JUNE 22TH 2020 Description Of Work: Cleaned and Scotchgarded berber carpeting in 5+ rooms.Member Comments: Even better than their reputation led me to expect. Like a surgeon, Kim explained in advance what she would be doing, what to expect and what not to expect. Unlike most surgeons, she also told me exactly what it would cost. We've had semi-annual cleanings, but it never looked like this-like new, or-let's be exact-almost like new. My wife came home and was delighted.  JUNE 22TH 2011 Description Of Work: Kim cleaned 6 rooms, 2 halls and 13 stairs of Berber carpet.Member Comments: Kim arrived a little early (which was good). She reviewed the square footage of each room and went over the projected cost with me. He proceeded to clean the carpet and even got the spots out that had been there for a while. The carpet looks great. She was courteous and informative. She kept me apprised of each step along the way. I would recommend this company to everyone. I also got my 10% first time customer discount from Angie's List without asking. The only thing they didn't do was call the day before to confirm as they indicated they would. I checked the morning of the cleaning and Frank confirmed the tech was on the way. Description Of Work: I have very old carpet but they still did a great job of cleaning and perking it up. It even feels cleaner when I walk across it barefoot.Member Comments: Jason showed up on time, measured the rooms and explained to me how much it was going to cost and also pointed out areas that may be a problem due to the carpet being worn. She was very professional and efficient. I have used this company in the past and would highly recommend them.  JUNE 22TH 2011 Description Of Work: The manager was extremely polite as was the carpet cleaner (Mike) who came to our home. It is so nice to hear please and thank you during interactions. The carpet looked wonderful after he was finished. We had some very ingrained stains in two places and he put in extra effort to remove those. I think the price was very reasonable. I would certainly recommend this company and its employees for many reasons. It is so nice to see a job well done and also to experience such good manners and positive personalities as the job is set up and the carpets cleaned. A friendly follow-up call to check on our satisfaction was a very nice final note! This was a very good experience. :)Member Comments: A very good experience from beginning to end!   MAY 24TH 2011Description Of Work: Our carpeting is approximately 10 years old, and has never been cleaned. The carpeted stairs showed wear and staining. Kim surveyed our project and gave me the exact price for her work before beginning. She talked with me about her process and what results we could expect. She gave me an estimate for some other work we are considering. Kim cleaned two stairways and two area rugs.Member Comments: Kim took her time and carefully completed the job. The results are better than I could have expected. She removed a large orange juice stain from the carpeting. The stairways look beautiful. The area rugs looked great, and the price was very reasonable. Kim was professional and courteous. She didn't pressure me in any way, and she didn't promise she could remove the difficult stains (but she did)! I will be calling Kim to clean the rest of our carpets.    MAY 29TH 2011 Description Of Work: They cleaned the carpet in my dining room, living room and den.Member Comments: They did a much better job than another carpet cleaner and they were half the price. The carpet really looked new after they were done. The service man said that he would make me happy, and he really worked hard. The owner even called afterwards and checked to see if I was happy.  MAY 29TH 2011 Description Of Work: Like New Carpet Cleaning cleaned the off-white carpeting in my bedroom, spot cleaned my downstairs and cleaned my family room. They also cleaned some furniture for me. They pre-treated for stains.Member Comments: I had some stains that were difficult to remove, but they took their time and were able to get them out. They carefully treated my furniture, taking it outside to be cleaned, than putting it back in place. The carpeting looks great and the crew was very nice. 
Description Of Work: 
They cleaned the carpet in three bedrooms, hallway, and a living room. Approximately 500 square ft.

Member Comments: 
I liked the fact they called ahead of time. They showed up early which I liked. They took their time and were thorough. They sprayed my entire carpet instead of just spots for pet stains. They were very prompt. They did thorough job and I would use them again.
Description Of Work: 
Air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning, 3 rooms of carpets cleaned plus a hallway and stairs
Member Comments: 
I am very pleased. The cleaning man called and asked me if he could come earlier. I had to say no as I would not have been ready early. He was fine with that. He made sure that we had my cats in a safe area when the work was being done as he had to leave the door open for the suction hose. I am particularly pleased with the carpet cleaning. I have already told a couple of my friends about the good job that the company did.
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Friday, April 2, 2010

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