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Why use Like New Again?  6 GOOD REASONS.

       1.  Reputation: Our company is referred by the most seasoned Carpet

                                  Retailers and Interior Designers.Over 700 Realtors in

                                  the St. Louis area use us to clean homes for sale. 

       2.  Experience: Our company is experienced in all methods of carpet

                                  cleaning and all types of soiling conditions.Our staff

                                  won't be stumped by your soiling condition.

       3.  Customer ReportsThere are dozens of reports listed to your left. 

                                              Listen to what our clients are saying about us. 

       4.  Education: Never use a firm that's not certified by The Clean Trust.

                             The Clean Trust accrediation is bestowed by the world's

                             most recognized body of certification for carpet and

                             upholstery cleaners.   Jeff Griffin is designated a Master

                             Carpet Cleaner and Master Fiber Cleaner by the Clean

                             Trust. This follows years of classes and training by IICRC

                             instructors and years of experience. 

       5.  Systems: Our Company uses the two most advanced carpet cleaning

                             systems on the market:Steam cleaning with a Soft Water rinse

                             and MECHANIZED STEAM CLEANINGPlus, we are 

                             committed to excellent service systems, which means

                             showing up on time and being sensitive to your special


      6.  Guarantee:  If you're not completely thrilled with the carpet cleaning you

                             receive from our company, we will rush back to your location

                             to make it right.  If you are still unimpressed, we will offer a 

                             100% money back guarantee. 



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Monday, November 2, 2009

 Description Of Work: Larry came out to our home and thoroughly cleaned the carpeting in our master bedroom, master bathroom, two bedrooms, living room, and dining room. We also opted to Scotchgard the entire bathroom carpeting and the traffic patterns in the master bedroom. When I called for an appointment, they were very accommodating with a variety of available dates and times. When the day of the cleaning came, Larry called to say he would be just about 30 minutes late, and I appreciated that. He actually only arrived 20 minutes after our agreed time, and completed the job, which I thought was a sizable job, in about two and a half hours. He spent a great deal of time in each room, and worked carefully and professionally. He worked incredibly hard, and I know it was a tough job for him because he had broken his big toe the night before kicking a soccer ball around with his son! He never complained and worked very hard the entire two hours. The job was very, very well done, and our carpet looks great!Member Comments: I feel it went very, very, well and professionally from start to finish. From our first phone call, the cleaning process was explained to me so I understood completely what they would be doing when they got here. Larry arrived just a little late, but had called to let me know that ahead of time. The cleaning job was very, very, well done and professional. We would definitely use Like New Again in the future. We got the company's name from Angie's List in the first place, and this well-completed and professional work made our subscription fee to the List worth its weight in gold! Another thing to add is that the company called the next day to make sure the job was 'perfect'. If it was not perfect to our standards, they wanted to know so they could take care it! I was very, very, impressed by this, as that kind of customer service rarely happens anymore.   Description Of Work: They cleaned the carpet on the stairwell and on the platform area. Member Comments: We got a 10% discount from them for being Angie’s list customers. They were professional and excellent. The crew was very friendly and knowledgeable. They removed the stains completely off the carpet.  Best carpet cleaners I know.  Description Of Work: Cleaned the carpet in a rental unit. Lots of stains.Member Comments: The cleaning went great. It looks much cleaner than I thought it could.  Reasonably priced too. Description Of Work: My carpet was wet, musty and mildewy. A storm had caused water to leak into my family room. The carpet had been wet about a week and was really smelling bad. He soaked up the water, cleaned the carpet and installed an mold-icide (smell and stain remover).Member Comments: He called before he arrived. Came in and looked at the carpet and used a sensor to determine exactly where the carpet was wet. He prepared an estimate based on the square footage and the amount of moisture in the carpet. He brought in his own tools and supplies. I had questions for him regarding - would there be a need for a return visit? (no). Would there still be the smell of damp carpet? (no)  He was right on both counts.  Description Of Work: He cleaned my carpets in living room, bedroom, hallway and two bathrooms.Member Comments: It went very good. I was very pleased with him. The technician was very professional and timely. Description Of Work: Had carpets cleaned for 356 square feet (3 bedrooms, 1 hall and a great room) and 12 steps. No major stains, just the dirt from everyday life.Member Comments: Good job. I love how soft the carpet feels from steam cleaning, unlike the residue left from chemical carpet cleaning. Mike is a good technician (so is Lisa, who we've had before). Even though the day was REALLY humid,  the carpet did not take a long time to dry.  Description Of Work: carpets, stairs and area rugs cleanedMember Comments: Phone consultation really outlined the process well and all my questions were answered. They called ahead on the day of the service, measured the rooms, quietly and professionally cleaned all the areas in about 2 1/2hrs and left behind a brochure with helpful cleaning tips and spot remover solution. The worker was very courteous and did a great job. The follow-up call the next day went well, and I anticipate we will use them regularly for our carpets. I hope to use them even sooner for furniture cleaning as well. Overall - outstanding cleaning job; informative, courteous and professional staff; and the work was very reasonably priced. Highly recommend.  Description Of Work: Polite. Clean. Seth explained exactly what he was going to do and did a great job. Frank called the next day to make sure that I was satisified. I will definitely use them again. Member Comments: Wonderful. I barely knew Seth was here. He did his job and was gone before I knew it. Description Of Work: They cleaned carpets in four rooms and a hallway.Member Comments: They gave me an estimate. The man said that he could do a room for free, which would beat the Angie's List coupon in price. They were very good about that. They were here promptly and called 15 minutes before they arrived. He was here for less than an hour, which was a reasonable amount of time to get everything done.  Carpets looked like new again.   Description Of Work: Cleaned all carpets on stairs, hallways, bedroom and office. Member Comments: I selected Like New Again Carpet Cleaning because of the positive reports here on Angie's List and I was not disappointed. Everything could not have gone better. I moved as much furniture as I could to clear the way the night before. Lisa arrived on time and did a complete inspection of the project. She gave me a price quote right away and we proceeded. She was very accommodating as moved the few remaining pieces of furniture during the cleaning. The "green" enzyme cleaner they used was great and did not leave my house smelling like a Monsanto factory. I am grateful for that. It was a thorough and complete job. She was able to get out some dirt marks I thought were impossible. It was a very pleasant and fun experience. I am very happy with the work and will definitely call again. Other than the 8 years of wear my carpets do indeed look "Like New".  Description Of Work: Carpet cleanedMember Comments: Professional, took the extra time to do the job right! Best carpet cleaning company I have ever used. I have my carpets cleaned twice a year religously. My search for a cleaning company is over!!! Description Of Work: Like New Again steam cleaned 590 sq ft. of heavily soiled (due to a baby and a toddler) and high trafficked beige carpet which was about three years oldMember Comments: I called Kathy at Like New Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning as a result of a search on Angie's List.  Dave was on the phone busy with another customer and asked to call back. She quickly called back and then took time to discuss my particular carpet situation in detail. She was very friendly and knowledgeable. I had the feeling that he was not trying to oversell but rather stick to only what was necessary to get the job done properly. I was a bit skeptical when Kathy was convinced I could get the heavily soiled carpet cleaned fairly well, especailly since the carpet was still only three years old. My kids have really made a big mess in the dining area. On the day of the service, Seth, the technician showed up on time. He was very friendly and personable. I explained what Kathy and I had discussed during the "pre-bid" and showed the rooms. Seth was very helpful explaining to me how the carpet cleaning systems worked and was also very courteous. The whole process took about two hours. Believe it or not, the carpet stains are just about all gone. There are only a few minor grease stains and a stain from permanent constuction type of chalk that could not quite go away, but that is very insignificant compared to what it looked like before. Great job.  Kathy was right on. Seth was very nice and professional.   Description Of Work: Clean the carpet in the whole house and apply ScotchguardMember Comments: Mike was on time for the appointment. He walked me through the house, explained the treatments of spots, what carpet spots would not change (I have some bleach spots, and I knew they would not change, but appreciated his pointing this out). Mike even hand scrubbed the stairs, cleaning up the dog tracks coming up the stairs. Upon completion, the carpet looks very good. The carpet is also soft, which the ad said it would be after the cleaning, to make it like new. I did think the stairs took a long time to dry compared to the rest of the house.  Description Of Work: They cleaned the carpets in the entire house including two flights of stairs.Member Comments: I was called away urgently and had to call at 7:00am to push back their original arrival time. They were very flexible and were able to come later in the morning. They did an excellent job and were very professional carpet cleaners . Description Of Work: I had the carpets in my entire house cleaned. The crew, Kim & Dan, arrived right on time and spent several hours in the house, treating numerous pet stains and thoroughly cleaning the carpets. All of the work and expected results were explained to me before the work began. Member Comments: I was very pleased with the results. The carpets were old and stained, and the results were so much better than I had hoped for. The pet odors are gone and the carpets look fresh & clean. Kim & Dan were very professional and hard working. I will call this company again. Description Of Work: Cleaned the white carpeting in our master bedroom, successfully removing some black ink spots that had been there for months and red wine stains (we thought they were hopeless). They also removed chocolate the grandkids ground into a sage green carpet and more red wine stains (!) from a patterned beige wool area rug.

We also had scotchguard put on most of the carpeting (obviously, we're messy).
Member Comments: Needless to say, we're pleased!  Description Of Work: Like New Again Carpet Cleaning cleaned carpets for us.Member Comments: The experience was very good. They were very responsive when I called. They were prompt and did a good job. I got what I paid for. Description Of Work: Seth and Kim cleaned the carpeting on our entire first floor & stairs as well as our living room furniture. They did a very careful and thorough job--all while trying to keep their lines from freezing up on one of the most frigid days of the month! Member Comments: We used to have three elderly cats and I was especially concerned about removing the pet odors--now everything smells nice and fresh! I had forgotton while they were at the house to have them fill out a form for my carpet warranty--I just mailed it to Frank and he happily completed the form and mailed it right back within a week. I was very impressed with everyone involved! Description Of Work: Had beige carpet cleaned in great room, down the stairs, the music room, bedroom and bath, and lower level living area and gym. I talked to Kim on the phone, answered his questions about areas to be done, what had caused the spots, and found out about pricing and what kinds of furniture I needed to move ahead of time.Member Comments: Serviceman Seth arrived on time. I walked through with him so all our communications were clear about what was to be done. He got right to work and never stopped. When he was finished, he left booties so I could walk on the carpet (I chose to wait until it was dry), and a bottle of spot cleaner. The whole south wall of my house is windows, so when it was bright daylight the next day, I checked the carpet. I found a saucer-size spot in the great room that, truthfully, I hadn't noticed before (it was usually under a throw rug), so I hadn't shown it to the technician; lots of tiny spots in the dimly lit lower level guest room, probably easier to see now that the carpet was clean. I figured those two were par for the course, even though it seemed like any wet process should have cleaned that light-colored, saucer-sized one. The area in front of the door going outside, however, had been badly spotted (Kim and I had discussed this in detail) and was not nearly clean enough. Kim called the next day, as I knew she would from reading other reports on this company. When she asked about the job, I said it was less than perfect. She sounded very concerned, asked lots of questions, and said she'd have a guy out the next day. Danny arrived on time. I showed him the areas, and he got right to work, by hand this time. He got everything out of the first two areas. Regarding the area in front of the door, Kim had explained to me how moisture can wick the color from the jute backing up to the top of the carpet. That area does get damp about once a year when we have a driving rain, and I accepted that explanation without grudge. Danny got so much of it out, I was very pleased. They’re not dirt cheap, but I’ll definitely use them again. Description Of Work: Cleaned the carpets in living room, bonus room, steps and two bedrooms. I think it came to about 1200 square feet of carpet.Member Comments: They showed up exactly on time, maybe even a few minutes early. I showed them the areas to clean they treated spots and started cleaning. They were careful to cover my wood entry floor. They worked efficiently and did a wonderful job. The results are nothing short of incredible. There were many pet stains in one room and some dark stains in my son's room and all of those stains are gone. I had hoped they could make the carpet look better but never dreamed it could look this great again. There is one high traffic area that is hugely improved but still a little darker than the rest, but just faintly darker. I'm completely thrilled with the results.
The estimate given over the phone was slightly less than I paid. There was an additional charge for treating the pet stains. I was asked if I wanted to add on that stain treatment. I wanted the best possible results so it was worth the extra money to do the job right. I also decided to have them clean the stairs once they arrived. The cost of the cleaning was totaled up and written out before the work began.
 Description Of Work: Like New Again Carpet Cleaning was contracted to clean my home's carpets.Member Comments: The workers were very good. They were very prompt and even though they were running a little late they were sure to contact me to let me know. They did a good job, very attentive to what needed to be completed.  Great carpet cleaners. Description Of Work: I am a realtor, and I have referred my clients to this company for carpet cleaning in a two-bedroom condominium.Member Comments: I thought they did a great job. They were easy to use, on time, and punctual. The carpet was clean when I returned; almost all of the stains were removed.A follow up call from Kim the next day shows they care. Description Of Work: Cleaned carpets in entrance area, family room, living room, dining room and two steps and landing leading to the stairs to the second floor. Also cleaned a reclining chair ($60 of the cost).Member Comments: Mike came on time and worked for almost two hours. He was thorough and hard working. I was told beforehand that they don't move furniture; however, the work done looks great, including visible areas under a secretary and three hutches. We haven't had our carpets cleaned for some time, so I can't compare cost. I did not ask for and did not receive an estimate. The carpets do look like new so I certainly will call them again when we decided to clean the carpets on our second floor. Description Of Work: Cleaned carpets in the living room, master bedroom, walk-in closet, hallway, second bedroom, and stairs.Member Comments: Showed up on time, measured rooms and provided estimate of the work to be done. Mike was courteous, professional, and cleaned the runner & mats for no additional charge. Our Berber carpet is ten years old, and hides the dirt well, but the heavy traffic areas were worn and dingy-looking. The worst spot in the hallway looks MUCH better, and the rest of the house looks great! Description Of Work: Carpets were cleaned in the entire house, with a pet enzyme added. 2 dogs had lived in this small house, and there was quite an odor. There were dirty traffic patterns that were cleaned as well.Member Comments: Everything was just perfect. I got a prompt return call to my Sunday voicemail message (returned early Monday morning), with an appointment scheduled for that week. This company is very responsive, professional and courteous. I didn't think the carpet could every end up looking like new again, but it did! Amazing. And, there is no longer ANY pet odor. I couldn't be more pleased and highly recommend Like New Again.  Description Of Work: Complete carpet cleaning of house before move in.Member Comments: I was impressed by their flexibility in working to fit my schedule and time line-even when I inadvertently missed one appointment. They did a good job of cleaning the carpets. In the case of a couple of stains, they let me know that they might not be able to clean them, what they were going to try, and kept me informed of the outcome right away.  Got all but one completely gone – and did a great job on another stain that is just a shadow of its former self.  Very professional carpet cleaners.  Thanks Angie’s List. Description Of Work: Steam cleaned carpets in the living room, family room, and stairs cleaned, including removal of pet stains.Member Comments: I received excellent service. Seth showed up exactly on time, and after measurement of the areas to be cleaned, gave me a written estimate. He was professional, polite and did a good job. It took approximately three and one-half hours to complete the job. Description Of Work: I have used Like New Again several times to clean my carpets.Member Comments: Like New Again does a great job cleaning carpets for a good price. They did such a great job. The spot cleaner that they use is so great that I have bought several bottles from them. It works better than anything you can buy in stores. Description Of Work: Carpets steam cleaned in three bedrooms, hall and living room; applied Scotchguard.Member Comments: Prompt; did an excellent job; follow up phone call.  Competent Carpet cleaners. Description Of Work: They cleaned the carpet in our entire condo.Member Comments: Went great. Set up appointment over the phone for a time convenient for me. Did a great job. Left booties for us to use to walk on carpet and not get it dirty while it dried. Left spot cleaner for us. Called to check up on our satisfaction. Were prompt, friendly, easy to work with, reasonably priced, and did a great job. Description Of Work: When we bought a new home that had been newly carpeted, they Scotch Guarded the carpets.Member Comments: We were moving on a tight timeline, so I was searching for a company that could Scotch Guard within the week, before moving day. After other companies said "no" or were too expensive, Like New's office manager - Kim - was unbelievably accommodating. She was willing to come in her own car, and even over the weekend if needed. She also was very knowledgeable about the process, recommendations for carpet care during moving, etc. In addition, I learned that the products they use for both Scotch Guarding and cleaning are superior, while their prices are competitive. Description Of Work: I had a living room carpet steam cleaned.Member Comments: The carpet was TERRIBLY dirty and stained as it is a rental. It was in very bad shape. I wanted to get it cleaned to see if it was even possible to salvage the carpet because it wasn't that old. While the carpet does not look perfect, it was cleaned well enough and a good amount of the overall filth and most stains were removed. I'm able to get by without replacing the carpet at this time. Description Of Work: They cleaned carpet very well. We have dogs and he took special care for problem areas and the entire carpet.Member Comments: They were always available by phone. I needed to reschedule and that was no problem. They were courteous, explained procedure and were very professional. They made me feel like I was not foolish for asking any questions. I was not home when they cleaned, but our secretary was and she was extremely impressed (and she is picky). I got home when he was finishing. Everything smelled and looked like new.  Description Of Work: They cleaned the carpets in the living room, hallway, and the walk areas in three bedrooms.Member Comments: The two people who came were very pleasant. They gave us hints for our carpet. They were in and out about 1 1/2 hours. I would recommend these carpet cleaners to  others. Description Of Work: Cleaned carpets and pet urine removal.Member Comments: The staff was very nice, helpful and punctual. The pet urine smell came back and they came back and tried again at no charge. The smell never came back again. Description Of Work: They cleaned and protected two rooms (living and office) and landing. These were somewhat stained and rather worn.Member Comments: The carpets are contractor grade and we intend to replace them shortly but Like New did such a good job we are going to see how it goes and perhaps replace the carpets later than we originally intended. Perhaps after the 4 year old is not spilling juice - say 23. Description Of Work: Had area rugs, stairs and carpets steam cleaned.Member Comments: The worker was very nice and did a great job  Follow-up call from Kathy the next day.  A pleasant experience.  Description Of Work: Steam cleaned our living room, dining room, stairs and two landings-more than 500 square feet. Did not charge for the two landings.Member Comments: It went very well. They were responsive, punctual, courteous, professional and did an excellent job on the carpeting. They cleaned some furniture and the carpet was mostly dry in just a few hours. I don't know how we could have been more satisfied. Description Of Work: Steam cleaned carpets in 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (partial), stairs and landing.Member Comments: Very good job.  Followed-up the next day. Description Of Work: They cleaned all of the carpet in my home, with truck mounted equipment.Member Comments: They were very responsive and professional. They also gave me some extra booties to wear while the carpet was drying.  Description Of Work: They cleaned the carpeting on the third floor of a 2 family unit which serves as a large family room. Pets had stained the carpeting. They also cleaned the carpeting on 2 flights of stairs, including a spiral staircase.Member Comments: My overall experience was great. When I called, they could come out right away, within 2 days. They were very courteous.  They performed the work quicker than I anticipated and the carpeting looks great. Description Of Work: Had family room carpet deep cleaned.Member Comments: My family room carpeting was badly soiled from numerous pet mishaps and daily living. It's in a high traffic area of my home and tends to accumulate dirt easily. I knew I needed some kind of deep cleaning, especially one that included a pet treatment. I called a few places and got prices but decided on Like New Again b/c of their vast knowledge of how to treat pet stains. They explained to me their pet treatment which included spot removal and deep deodorizing. I only needed 1 room cleaned and was told of their $99 minumum , $90 b/c of Angie's List coupon, which was what it ended up costing me for the deep cleaning I needed. We set up an appointment for the following week and they were right on time. They were extremely polite and professional, and my carpet looks amazing!! They explained what they did to remove the spots and also gave me a free bottle of solution to use the next time there is another "accident". They also gave me a great brochure on how to properly treat pet accidents as well as lots of other spills. The whole procedure took about an hour and they left no mess behind. I will definitely use this company again. Description Of Work: THEY CAME AND CLEANED THE CARPETS IN FOUR OF THE ROOMS IN OUR HOME.Member Comments: SHE CAME TO MY HOME PROMPTLY AND ON TIME. CLEANED CARPET IN FOUR ROOMS. HAD A MESS FROM 4 DOGS AND 1 CAT. SHE COMPLETELY CLEANED THE CARPET AND GOT OUT MOST OF THE STAINS. SHE DID A BETTER JOB THAN WE BOTH EXPECTED. WE WERE VERY HAPPY WITH THE SERVICES AND PRICE. WE WILL HAVE HER CLEAN OUR CARPETS EVERY FOUR MONTHS. Description Of Work: Steam cleaned carpeting in living room, hall and 2 bedrooms.Member Comments: My carpet is only two years old but is a light gray color and shows the dirt pretty easily, especially in high traffic areas. It also had some stains from my cat and from where things had been spilled on it, most notably red koolaid. The young lady who came to clean it was great. She introduced herself to me (sorry, I don't remember her name), told me exactly what she was going to do, measured, gave me the price before she started. We talked about the koolaid stain. She said she thought she could get it out and she did! There is not a trace of it left. I was amazed since the previous company I had hired to clean the carpet said there was nothing they could do. I am very pleased with the results. The carpet looks great! She even gave me a booklet on stain removal and a bottle of stain remover. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to friends. Description Of Work: The company cleaned 6 rooms of carpet, the stairs and landing.Member Comments: I chose the company from the good things listed on Angie's List. I called and made an appointment. They came exactly when they were expected, and did a beautiful job on the carpets. We had some pretty significant pet stains, and I was very pleased with the results. They called the next day to see how we liked the carpet once it was dry. The entire experience was seamless. I will definitely use them again.Description Of Work: Steam cleaned carpet in 6 rooms, plus stairs and hallway.Member Comments: Went well. We were selling our home.  I had been on the market 30 months.  It sold the next day.  I don’t think it was a coincidence. We are happy with the results. Description Of Work: Carpet cleaned throughout my entire home. Living room, hall, 4 bedrooms and large basement room.Member Comments: When I called to set up an appointment I talked with Frank who was very pleasant to talk with and scheduled a time that would work out best for me. Casey arrived on the day scheduled and was able to complete the task of cleaning the carpets in a very efficient manner. Casey was great to work with and did an excellent job on the carpets. The carpet looks great and I love the fresh citrus smell from the cleaning solvent that I smell each time I walk into the house. Frank followed up with a call a few days later to make sure everything was satisfactory. Which it was. Description Of Work: We had a terrible problem with pet stains, and she cleaned the carpeting and the area rug and did an absolutely wonderful job! We were very, very pleased.Member Comments: Dog was ill and unable to make it outside. We didn't always know it was there until it was too late to get it up quickly. Carpet cleaner came in and flushed it three times and did a wonderful job. She didn't have as much luck on the area rug because it is wool, but she explained that to us ahead of time. Description Of Work: Carpets cleaned in living room, dining room, stairs, upstairs landing, 4 bedrooms. Scotchguarded stairs, carpeted hallways (main and leading to master bath) upstairs.Member Comments: They were quick and did a thorough job. Price was exactly as estimated.  Description Of Work: Carpet cleaning of 3 bedroomsMember Comments: We had 3 bedrooms cleaned, after an accumulation of animal stains (urine, feces, and vomit - the trifecta) from our new dog and old dog in one room, and some cat puke as well. Frank was very helpful on the phone, and the actual cleaning service was very thorough and timely (about 1.5 hours). However, after a day or two, several of the dog urine stains popped back up (noticed by smell and UV light detection). I talked to Frank and he immediately scheduled a re-do appointment, at no cost. They came back out and treated the area that was missed in one room, and completely re-treated the other room. They hit it with everything in the arsenal, and now the carpet is clean and smelling good again. Thanks so much to Frank and his girls for the great job. We'll definitely tell people about this wonderful company, and we'll use them again in the future. The 10% Angie’s List discount was nice too, but their overall pricing is already very reasonable. Description Of Work: I use them to clean the carpet in my living room, dining room & hallway.Member Comments: They did a great job & I use them all the time. I even made a joke that the next time, I was going to have them clean the floor in my car & they actually cleaned it! They have always been very satisfactory and I will continue to use them in future. Description Of Work: I had the traffic areas in three bedrooms and a small section of a hallway cleaned.Member Comments: I have 3 dogs - so I need the traffic carpet areas cleaned on a regular basis. I contracted a "well advertised" respected company who did the work for me last year, but this year I relied on Angie's list for a referral. The work was as good if not better, at 1/3rd the cost. The technician, Kim, is just terrific. She is personable, but very professional. She was in and out in 45 minutes, no mess no fuss. My carpets were very clean and dried very quickly (approx 4 hours). I will be having Like New out on another job very soon. I highly recommend their service! Description Of Work: They have come out about three or four times now. They clean a rec room downstairs, bedroom downstairs, and two bedrooms on the main floor. They have also cleaned an area rug for me as well.Member Comments: Frank, the owner, is a very hands on owner. The time before last I wasn't extremely pleased with the person they sent out. He sent another person out a second time and they redid an area. He always does a follow up. When you call, Frank is the one that answers. He still manages to keep that personal touch over the years. He's someone who wants to keep quality up as his company grows which I feel is admirable. I will continue to use them for carpet cleaning and have even recommended them to others. Description Of Work: Cleaned all of our upholstered furniture and most of our carpeting.Member Comments: Excellent experience. Jason arrived at the agreed-upon time and worked diligently for several hours. The results are quite astounding. Our 10+ year old furniture looks absolutely re-invigorated. As an example of their professionalism, when after one area rug dried, we observed some minor problems around the perimeter, with no questions asked and within 2-3 days, they returned and re-cleaned the rug using a different process at no additional charge. It turned out beautifully. Highly recommended! Description Of Work: Pet stains removed from beige carpet.Member Comments: A sick dog necessitated two visits in 10 days from Like New Again. Each time they were prompt and courteous. Frank called to follow up and even gave me some advice on how to treat the stains which occurred 12 hours after the first cleaning (a third incident triggered the need for Like New Again's second visit). The carpet looks great, as do the stairs and another carpet we had cleaned. I will definitely continue to use Like New Again!  Description Of Work: They cleaned the carpet on stairs, hall and two rooms. We'd had a coffee spill in one room.Member Comments: It went well until the carpet dried. The coffee stain came back with a vengeance. I called, they arranged to come back the following week. Meanwhile, I was given some tips on how to keep it from coming back again (put a fan on it so it dries quicker). They returned, re-treated the spot and it looks great. When re-treating, he closed our garage door because he didn't want fumes getting into the garage---I thought that was very thoughtful.  Description Of Work: The family room carpet was cleaned, deodorized, & protected with Scotchguard. A chair was also cleaned.Member Comments: Jason did a great job. The family room carpet was cleaned, deodorized, & protected with Scotchguard. Bad stains left by my young children came out completely. Very little drying time was needed. He was able to work around some furniture that could not be moved. The worn carpet areas look revitalized. A chair was also cleaned. Work was down quickly and professionally. All procedures were explained clearly and future suggestions made. Would hire again. Description Of Work: Cleaned carpet and applied scotchguard in two rooms and t-staircase.Member Comments: Frank was very helpful and friendly when I called to set up the appointment. They were able to schedule the cleaning in a very timely manner. On the day of the cleaning, Jason was very professional, friendly and conscientious as he did the cleaning. He was able to get the heavily-soiled high traffic area cleaned very well; above and beyond my expectations! It dried just as nicely! I am very pleased with the work they did for me. Description Of Work: They cleaned carpets.Member Comments: It was a wonderful service. I have used them twice. They have good follow up, and check with me periodically. Description Of Work: We had five rooms of carped cleaned and the stairs to the basement.Member Comments: Jason arrived on time, computed the cost which was what we had expected, explained what he would be doing then performed the cleaning. We were pleased with the work done and Jason's polite and professional manner. Description Of Work: They came out and cleaned my dining room, hall, living room walkways and the walkways in 2 bedrooms. I was very pleased. There was a big stain in the hall from some spilled baby oil that occurred at least a year ago. It came up beautifully. Some spots would not come up that Kim (the cleaner) thought was probably lotion, but they were minor. The dining room was perfect and it needed cleaning very badly. I also got a free bottle of spot cleaner. Kim worked very hard and did a great job. She also gave me booties so I could walk around without getting my socks wet, while it dried. By mentioning Angie's list, Frank (the owner) gave me 200 sq. ft. of cleaning for free. I was so pleased that I called back a few days later and had them come back out and do my basement and 12 steps leading to the basement. This time it cost me $252.00, my basement area is pretty big.Member Comments: Though the basement looked great at first, several days later, quite a few of the basement spots came back. I can't really fault them, because some of the stains had been there for years & I'd had other companies clean them unsuccessfully. I think that more than likely, the stains were soaked into the carpet pad, and as it dried out, it picked up from the pad back into the carpet. Frank called me back the day after each cleaning to ask if I was pleased. I told him yes. Overall, the basement does look better. Description Of Work: They cleaned all carpets in my house. There were lots of spots, including blue candle wax on tan carpet, and they truly did make them look like new again.Member Comments: Frank is very responsive and professional. The man that actually cleaned the carpets was equally professional and kind. He did a great job and I even trusted him enough to leave the house while he was cleaning. I would highly recommend them.  Description Of Work: Cleaned stairs, two very large carpeted rooms and the hallway, also cleaned a couch and all its cushions and a wool area rug.Member Comments: Kim was great! We walked through the house and looked at the places to be cleaned and problem areas on the carpet, she explained everything and asked if I had any questions. You know how your carpet can be crunchy after being cleaned?? Well thats because the other carpet cleaners don't actually rinse the soap out of the carpet. Not so with Like New Again! The carpet was very, very soft and my husband commented that it actually felt cleaner! I loved the citrus-y smell that was around for about 24 hours after cleaning. I was very, very happy with the quality, the service that Kim provided, and it was worth every penny!  Description Of Work: We had all the rooms in our 2400 square foot home cleaned. They also cleaned a floor rug in our living room as well. I am unsure of the total cost.Member Comments: I have used their services a total of 5 times. They do a wonderful job and I am always happy with the results. My carpets were muddy from our dog and had chocolate stains from my daughter. They cleaned them and really did make them look like new again.  Description Of Work: Carpet was cleaned in two second floor bedrooms, staircase, and main room hallway.Member Comments: Bedroom carpets were very clean. The stairs and hallway had the "browning" problem as with the previous vendor. Kim had to come back to correct the problem. The difference between the two companies is that Kim at Like New Again Carpet expressed genuine concern and worked diligently to make the stairs and hallway as clean as the bedrooms. She was extremely nice and patient and assured me that if the problem occurred again she would be back a third time. The problem did not occur.  Description Of Work: Our carpeting is approximately 10 years old, and has never been cleaned. The carpeted stairs showed wear and staining. Kim surveyed our project and gave me the exact price for her work before beginning. She talked with me about her process and what results we could expect. She gave me an estimate for some other work we are considering. Kim cleaned two stairways and two area rugs.Member Comments: Kim took her time and carefully completed the job. The results are better than I could have expected. She removed a large orange juice stain from the carpeting. The stairways look beautiful. The area rugs looked great, and the price was very reasonable. Kim was professional and courteous. She didn't pressure me in any way, and she didn't promise she could remove the difficult stains (but she did)! I will be calling Kim to clean the rest of our carpets.  Description Of Work: They cleaned the carpet in my dining room, living room and den.Member Comments: They did a much better job than another carpet cleaner and they were half the price. The carpet really looked new after they were done. The service man said that he would make me happy, and he really worked hard. The owner even called afterwards and checked to see if I was happy. Description Of Work: Like New Carpet Cleaning cleaned the off-white carpeting in my bedroom, spot cleaned my downstairs and cleaned my family room. They also cleaned some furniture for me. They pre-treated for stains.Member Comments: I had some stains that were difficult to remove, but they took their time and were able to get them out. They carefully treated my furniture, taking it outside to be cleaned, than putting it back in place. The carpeting looks great and the crew was very nice.  Description Of Work: I had the carpets cleaned in 5 rooms plus the stairs. He pre-treated for stains and scotch guarded when they were finished. The job was complete in 2 hours. There was no furniture to be moved.Member Comments: Jason did a great job cleaning my carpets. He was very professional and was they're very quick after I called for the appointment. He did a very thorough job and the carpets look great. Their prices are very reasonable. I will use their services again.  Description Of Work: They cleaned the carpets in my home.Member Comments: They also did my daughter's home. They are courteous. They are prompt. I have used them several times in the past year and a half and each time has been a satisfactory experience. The owner calls back to find if you are satisfied with work that was done.  Description Of Work: Steam cleaned carpet in master bedroom, second bedroom, hallway, stairs and office on first floor.Member Comments: They only use truck mounted equipment.  Excellent work performed.  Jim was our technician, very knowledgable, hard working, clean cut and friendly. We thought the price more than fair, the carpets still look terrific and no spots have returned since then. Even areas we thought too soiled to come clean look great now. We will definitely use them again and have already recommended them to some friends and relatives. Description Of Work: Upstairs and downstairs hallway and stairs and living room berber carpet professionally treated and cleaned for pet accidents (cat urine and vomit), cleaned, and Scotchgard protected in heavy tracking areas.Member Comments: Jason arrived promptly and was very courteous and professional. Measured everything first to give me an accurate estimate, discussed carpet treatment and cleaning options, then completed all the work in less than an hour. He provided a written estimate in advance. When the work was done advised me on how to get the carpet to dry out the fastest. This is the 2nd time I have used them and would definitely use them again. Description Of Work: They cleaned and scotch-guarded the badly-stained carpet in our kitchen/family room.Member Comments: Minutes after joining Angie's List two days ago, I began researching carpet cleaners. "Like New Again" had a fantastic record, so I called and talked to Frank, the owner. He explained their process, gave me an estimate, and we set up an appointment for today. Jason came right on time and was very professional. I had wondered about the possibility of cleaning an old sofa we had. Jason suggested that he try a test area, and then we could decide if it was worth it. He did, and it wasn't. No charge! The carpet cleaned beautifully, much better than I had thought it would. The price was a bit less than Frank's estimate, too, even with scotch guard on the heavy traffic areas. I couldn't be more pleased with this company. Thanks, Angie's List! Description Of Work: Cleaned and Scotchgarded berber carpeting in 5+ rooms.Member Comments: Even better than their reputation led me to expect. Like a surgeon, Kim explained in advance what she would be doing, what to expect and what not to expect. Unlike most surgeons, she also told me exactly what it would cost. We've had semi-annual cleanings, but it never looked like this-like new, or-let's be exact-almost like new. My wife came home and was delighted. Description Of Work: Jason cleaned 6 rooms, 2 halls and 13 stairs of Berber carpet.Member Comments: Jason arrived a little early (which was good). He reviewed the square footage of each room and went over the projected cost with me. He proceeded to clean the carpet and even got the spots out that had been there for a while. The carpet looks great. He was courteous and informative. He kept me apprised of each step along the way. I would recommend this company to everyone. I also got my 10% first time customer discount from Angie's List without asking. The only thing they didn't do was call the day before to confirm as they indicated they would. I checked the morning of the cleaning and Frank confirmed the tech was on the way. Description Of Work: I have very old carpet but they still did a great job of cleaning and perking it up. It even feels cleaner when I walk across it barefoot.Member Comments: Jason showed up on time, measured the rooms and explained to me how much it was going to cost and also pointed out areas that may be a problem due to the carpet being worn. He was very professional and efficient. I have used this company in the past and would highly recommend them. Description Of Work: The manager was extremely polite as was the carpet cleaner (Jason) who came to our home. It is so nice to hear please and thank you during interactions. The carpet looked wonderful after he was finished. We had some very ingrained stains in two places and he put in extra effort to remove those. I think the price was very reasonable. I would certainly recommend this company and its employees for many reasons. It is so nice to see a job well done and also to experience such good manners and positive personalities as the job is set up and the carpets cleaned. A friendly follow-up call to check on our satisfaction was a very nice final note! This was a very good experience. :)Member Comments: A very good experience from beginning to end! Description Of Work: Cleaned Berber carpet in family room. Hadn't been cleaned in quite a long time.Member Comments: Very nice young man came to clean the carpet. I was very pleased with the job and would definitely call them again. Description Of Work: Carpet cleaning in two areas: Upstairs--regular carpet with pet urine stains approx 4'X 15' and then the basement area Berber carpet approx 15'X 30'. They pretreated the stains and then cleaned. They were fast and professional. They left no mess, left us a cleaning agent for spots (not pet urine stains though) and some actual "paper booties" if we needed to walk on the carpet.Member Comments: Came and gave an estimate for the carpet cleaning that we wanted done. They gave us a quote and I agreed. They told us up front that they could not 100% guarantee that the pet stains from urine would come out but that they would try. The carpet came out very nice!!! The only thing was they did not offer a 10% discount for Angie list users or offer any coupons. The next day, or at the most 2 days after the work was done the owner called and said he was sorry but his worker forgot to give us the 10% discount, so he was sending us $25.00 in the mail that day. He apologized again and said he hoped we would use him again. Description Of Work: Cleaned the carpet in five rooms, one hall, and one staircase. After looking at my carpet the technician told me what type of cleaning she would recommend. She did not try to oversell their services. My carpet is old and closer to worn out than new, so she recommended the regular steam cleaning rather than the more expensive mechanized steam cleaning. She also did not think it was cost effective to apply stain guard. I appreciated her honesty. She measured all of the areas to be cleaned and told me exactly how much it would cost. Then she sprayed the carpet with enzymes and steam cleaned them. I was pleased that even the very dirty high traffic areas came clean.Member Comments: I spoke with Frank several times prior to the actual cleaning. He either answered the phone right away (a rarity) or called back within a few minutes. He was very thorough in explaining all of the carpet cleaning services he offered. He called me an hour before my scheduled appointment to let me know the technician was running about an hour late. After the cleaning he called to hear how I thought it went. I told him I was very pleased. The next day after the carpet was completely dry, I notice what looked like pet stains (I do not have pets). I called Frank and he explained how if the carpet doesn't dry fast enough stains that are in the pad can be re-absorbed into the carpet. He scheduled a technician to come back, at no additional cost, that day to work on the stains. This time enzymes for pet stains were applied to the troubled areas, steam cleaned out, and dried with a fan. No more stains! In response to his second follow up call I told Frank I was completely satisfied. Description Of Work: Basement carpet was cleaned and scotch guarded. This carpet was worn from heavy trafficked and was very stained from several four year olds gone wild with juice boxes. I had tried to clean it myself and the stains kept coming back! In addition we had the sectional sofa cleaned. It too was looking quite old and shabby.Member Comments: It was an outstanding experience. Their price was fair and comparable with larger companies. Their service though really set them apart. I received several phone calls letting me know that they were running late and giving me an updated arrival time. The technician went out of his way to let me know what Truly needed to be Scotchgarded and saved me some money. He was also very fair about the measuring process. The carpet and sectional look new again. Finally, I received a follow up call from the owner to be sure everything was to my satisfaction. A nice touch and one that all other service companies should follow.   Description Of Work: Cleaned and treated the hallway and living room. Cleaned and treated sofa.Member Comments: Chris arrived on time. He was very polite, did a great job explaining what he was going to do, and set about completing the job. While there, I asked for the cost of treating the carpet, too. I decided to treat the hallway and only the portion of the livingroom, that had the highest traffic, as some has an area rug covering it. However, Chris went ahead a treated the entire livingroom carpet, too. Description Of Work: They cleaned 3 large wool rugs, 2 smaller wool rugs and a sofa.Member Comments: They arrived on time, thoroughly cleaned our rugs and discussed how often this process should be repeated.  Best carpet cleaners I ever had. Description Of Work: Cleaned two rooms. Member Comments: We called on a Friday and they came to work on Saturday before noon! The employee showed up early and patiently waited outside before we got back home. He measured our spaces, and examined the rooms with black light for cat urine traces, and informed us that we would not need to do urine flush and just the clean and enzyme treatment. He was very patient in answering our questions, and very courteous. He then gave us the final work order before starting work. The cost is lower than estimated because he didn't measure the spaces occupied by large things like the sofa and the piano. He did a great job with the rooms; they now look and smell very clean.  Description Of Work: They steam cleaned carpet in my heavily-used family room, dining room, and hallway and applied Scotchgard protectant to the main traffic areas.Member Comments: I called the owner, Frank, who described the two different cleaning processes available and the cost of each. He also told me about the cleaning solutions used and the option of Scotchgarding. He scheduled the appointment on my preferred day. The technician, Jason, arrived on time and was friendly and professional at all times. He measured the areas and gave me an exact price before starting the work. The price was lower than I expected. I felt that he was truly interested in getting the carpets cleaned, and he only recommended Scotchgarding in the areas that were likely to suffer future spills/stains from my kids. My carpet is at least 7 years old and shows definite signs of wear, and Jason took time to be extra thorough on the areas that were the most soiled. He cleaned up as he went, wiping any moisture that got onto the adjoining tile or wood flooring. When he was done, he walked me through the rooms to make sure I was satisfied. The owner called the next day to follow up. Description Of Work: The company cleaned a water-stained carpet in my sunroom.Member Comments: Like New Again, was very professional and arrived on time. They cleaned the sunroom carpet beautifully. Not all the water stains came up completely. Frank called when the men told him that some stains did not go away. I was still pleased with the cleaning and would use them again.  Description Of Work: Cleaned stairs, hallway and three bedrooms.Member Comments: Raymond arrived on time and was in fact a little early. He was very pleasant to work with and was very knowledgeable about the process and cleaners used. He did his job efficiently and even spent extra time working on some stains. So far the carpets look great. I am waiting to see if the stains reappear, but Raymond assured me that if they do I should just give them a call. Description Of Work: Cleaned carpets in entire basement and the only carpeted room upstairs.Member Comments: Excellent customer service when I called to make the appointment. The service tech called before he came and showed up on time. Did a great job on the carpets and even called the next day to make sure we were satisfied.  Was I ever.  Please use them.  Oh. Don’t forget the Angie’s List discount.  Description Of Work: The carpet in the entire house was steam-cleaned (great room, dining room, kitchen, stairs, 2 bedrooms, office).Member Comments: The lady I talked to on the phone initially was very informative. She spelled out their services and prices very clearly. She was able to do a rough estimate over the phone. The technician, Chris, did a great job! I asked him about having some restoration done and he answered honestly that restoration would not do what I wanted it to do. (The pad underneath is the problem). He did a thorough job of vacuuming the edges of the carpet (next to the baseboard) and took his time (a good thing!) doing the steam-cleaning. He was polite and tried to keep the noise-level down. The job took 2 hours. I am very pleased and would use them again! Description Of Work: Had the carpets cleaned on main floor, stairs, and upstairs hallway.Member Comments: Excellent  job from start to finish. From the call for the appointment to the work being completed. Carpets look wonderful.  Description Of Work: Cleaned and deodorized 3 area rugs, 1 couch, and 1 love seat.Member Comments: After the winter, things were smelling of dogs (I have 2) and winter ills. Like New Again did what their name says, made everything like new again and noticeably brighter! And it all smells so wonderful. Description Of Work: The technicians arrived on time and explained what they do and how it works. I had pet stains and urine odor which I asked them to remove. They reminded me that they use chemicals that the dog should not be exposed to until they were finished. They said it would take 6 to 8 hours to dry, but they had to use more liquid so it could take longer. They were courteous and professional. They left me plastic shoe covers to use until the carpet dried. It did take much longer for the carpet to dry even using fans. Fortunately it was a warm day so I could leave the windows open. The next day owner called to ask me if I was happy with the work. They gave me a discount because I found them on Angie's List.Member Comments: See above. As far as cost estimate, none was given except cost per square foot, and additional cost for odor removal. They measured the carpet in each room before starting.  Description Of Work: They used the restoration process to deep clean a well-used carpet and made it look very good. They were able to remove the spots and dirt in the entry areas. The entire one story house was done in several hours.Member Comments: I needed them to come within a couple days and they were able to accommodate my schedule. They were prompt, efficient and thorough. They made a well-used carpet look wonderful. I will certainly use them again.  Description Of Work: They cleaned the carpet in the main living areas (600 sq. feet) of my house. The carpet had normal wear and tear from a toddler and a dog. The technician was able to clean the carpet and make it look very good. It no longer looks its age (9 years for a polyester carpet). It wasn't quite new looking, but that is to be expected as the carpet is at the end of its normal life.Member Comments: The original scheduled date was during the last big storm in February. The owner called to let me know that he was canceling all scheduled cleanings that day due to the weather. We rescheduled the appointment for the next week at a time convenient for me. The technician who came to clean the carpet described the two different treatment options for my carpet. He recommended the less expensive option for my carpet as it is older and made from polyester. He said that both options would be just as effective. The cleaning went quickly and the technician spent a lot of time on the sections with ground in dirt to make sure they were as clean as possible. Once done, he left me with shoe covers in case we needed to walk on the carpet before it dried. The owner called the next day to follow-up and make sure everything was done to my satisfaction. Also, they noticed that I hadn't been given the Angie's list new customer discount. I received the refund the next business day.  Description Of Work: Cleaned living room, dining room and master bedroom carpets. Living room and dinning room are 20+ years old and they looked like new when finished!Member Comments: Very responsive company - owner called the next day to make certain I was happy and I sure was. Description Of Work: Cleaned carpeting in 2 bedrooms, hall, living room, den, and 6 x 8 area rug.Member Comments: They were excellent. They came a week earlier to measure everything and look at the stains and carpeting. They were scheduled to come at 10:30 AM but called at 9 to say a hose had broken and they would be here about 1. They called before they came. They did an absolutely excellent job. They were very frank about the urine spots from the dogs and explained that while they looked just fine now, there is a good chance they may reappear due to the PH in the urine and the effect it has on wool. Description Of Work: Job 1- Before putting our home up for sale, they cleaned the carpet in four bedrooms, hallways and 44 stairs in our 4-level townhouse. All the furniture had been removed ($316). Job 2- We had berber carpeting cleaned in the living room and bedroom ($175).Member Comments: Job 1- As always, Like New was prompt and professional. We were very pleased with the results. Job 2- As always, Like New showed up when promised and did an excellent job. The carpeting is pretty light colored, which made the traffic patterns show up, but he was able to make the carpeting look fresh again. We also got the Scotchguard, which doubled the cost but hopefully will make the carpeting look better for a little longer. Description Of Work: They cleaned my carpets.Member Comments: He was very professional and nice, the price was good, and they did a good job. They left me some booties when they were done so I could walk on my carpet. I was very pleased. Description Of Work: Cleaned, disinfected and scotch-guarded twelve carpeted stairs, 12 x 18 foot family room, hallway and 12 x 12 feet bedroom after upstairs toilet overflowed.Member Comments: Chris was punctual. He called when he was on his way. He is quiet, efficient and hard working. He knows the products he is using and can explain them and answer questions. The stairs and traffic patterns in the carpet revived to my surprise and pleasure. The carpet really does look "like new again". Mr Mooney called back the next day to get feedback from me. Description Of Work: We had our living room/dining room carpets cleaned.Member Comments: We were very pleased with the service and performance of this company. We had used them before and were very well satisfied so we called them again. We were pleased they could get to us so quickly. The work was done the day after we called. The technician who came to clean our carpet, Larry, was on time early in fact and very efficient. The carpet had some stubborn stains but he was able to remove them all and when he was finished. The carpet looked as if it was brand new. Description Of Work: Cleaned the carpet in living room and family room. Pretreated for pet stains.Member Comments: I was able to schedule an appointment for the week I requested. The technician called when he was on his way and arrived at the scheduled time. He explained what he would be doing and what to expect of the results. The job was completed in approximately one hour. I am extremely pleased with the results. I would recommend them to my friends and will certainly call them again.
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